When I was 15 my school sponsored me for a weekend drawing session in which we drew from a model. I found out then that this was the kind of work that suited me intellectually. Unfortunately I never pursued this as a young man and it was a long time before I actually decided to continue where I had left off. In 1990 I took a five year hiatus and went to France to study with Ted Seth Jacobs, a classical realist artist who taught me how to paint and made up for all the years in between. I have since taken additional seminars with Tony Ryder and rest has been up to me, working evenings and on weekends.

I love the classical realist style of painting. It’s a method that is natural to my way of seeing and thinking about the world around me. When I paint, it seems as if I can’t get tired, I actually seem to gain energy from doing it, that is how I know that painting suits me. My favorite subjects are figurative painting or drawing from a model.